Consulting and continuous support

The Legal Advice Division provides ongoing advice and support to those involved in the management and organization of human resources.

Our Legal Advisors have distinctive skills and experiences.

The Legal Advisor Team

The Legal Advisor Team is responsible for assisting the legal offices and staff in managing all work issues, with employees, independent contractors, foreign workers, and workers to be sent abroad.

The team of consultants also supports managers and staff in managing relations with trade union representatives and organizations, Institutes and inspection bodies in matters of work and social security, in extraordinary sales, acquisitions, mergers, and, more generally, transfer of companies and business units, as well as in corporate crisis management interventions.

The Legal Consultants Team deals with individual and collective layoffs management, conducts company transfer operations, operates in expatriates’ issues management, in the field of work safety and organizational models; manages activities related to privacy and workplace controls; it also operates in the field of network and tender contracts, and in integrated logistics and transport services contracts.

We believe that there is a need to give useful, concrete answers, which need to solve problems, and, as far as possible, to prevent them by respecting legality and values we believe in.


Our team