Judical assistance in disputes

The The Labor Lawyers Team deals with assisting companies in individual and collective labour disputes with employees, independent contractors, employees of third-party suppliers, temporary workers, trade unions, as well as in litigation with bodies, institutes and inspection authorities, in the fields of work, social security, privacy, security and tax issues related to work.

The Lawyers Team

Our Labor Lawyers have distinctive skills in layoffs, both individual and collective, fixed term and temporary work contracts duties, qualifications and classification, transfers, mobbing and discrimination at work.

The team of lawyers also deals with agency contracts including international contracts and gangmastering, changes of contract and company transfer, contracts and solidarity for salaries and contribution, union disputes, strikes, disputes regarding time-schedules, business trips, and salaries.

We believe that there is a need of specialized, indeed highly specialized, lawyers in such a complex matter as that of work. And the results prove us right.

The Judicial Division deals with individual and collective labor disputes concerning labor, trade union, social security and tax law.