Training and update

Our experts organize meetings and moments of study and training, both on legislative changes and practices in the field of work and social security, and on important issues for the management and organization of the human resources in the company, such as: regulations, company codes and policies, labor costs and contract types, union relations, contracts and temporary work supplier’s management, welfare and smart working, expatriate’s management, incentive systems and remuneration policies.

We want people to be able can compare their own experience and questions with that of other colleagues because we believe that the exchange of ideas and questions is a source of growth.


The team of experts

The seminaries are aimed at professionals, human resources officers, legal and human resources staff, and aim to accompany professionals and companies in continuous updating and work issues, social security,
trade union law specialization paths with the aim of  developing a widespread work culture that shares principles set out in our Charter of Work Values.


We believe that a new work culture and more skills are needed. 
In a context of constant change, updating is our competitive advantage.


Our team