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The future is made up of dreams, ideas, and stories.

The future is built with passiondeterminationperseverance.

Ideas without people are nothing. But people alone are not enough.

There must be many to build something called future. There must be many and organized.

We have extraordinary possibilities, and opportunities every day. We must have the courage to engage.

There is a need for people who want to go all the way.

There is a need for professionals who believe in the future of this country. There is a need for entrepreneurs who have something special to tell.

We have an ambitious growth plan. And we want to grow together with others who have equally ambitious projects.

Let’s write together “The Future at Work”.


Gianluca Spolverato


We are lawyers, legal consultants, experts, united by the same passion for work and for big challenges, and by the desire to change and innovate to do always better.

We are lawyers, legal consultants, work experts. We assist companies in human resources management, in the definition of labor disputes, with a team of lawyers and legal consultants specialized in labor litigation, in the management of labor issues, in collective bargaining and in union relations, in social security and social assistance (INPS, Inail, Enasarco), also with regard to administrative, social security and tax, penal, occupational safety and privacy profiles.

The name WI LEGAL comes from a specific idea: WI stands for WORK IMPROVERS.
We are focused on work innovation with a legal and regulatory approach. Our aim is to drive people and companies during their processes of transformation. 

A legal approach for a better world

Being the Domino

Our brand identity and guidelines drive us in our daily work are clear in order to assure outstanding working standards, which increase benefits and consumer confidence in our services. That is why our clients choose us. 

We trigger the change

We support companies in the organization and management of key resources, in compliance with the law and the values ​​that inspire us.

The guiding principles we believe in are set out in our Charter of Work Values, which provide a coordinated framework of our ethical working standards.

Where we are


Via F. Rismondo, 2
35131 Padova PD


Via Borgogna, 3
20122 Milano MI


Via Piemonte, 117
00187 Roma RM


Piazza della Loggia, 5
25121 Brescia BS


Via Enrico Fermi, 2
37135 Verona VR