The tradition of harnessing knowledge.

A consultancy and training Academy.

The Modena location is a centre of excellence in employment law training and know-how. Emiliana Maria Dal Bon, Cecilia Bondi and their team advise on some of the largest personal restructuring projects, ensuring comprehensive advice and assistance on administrative requirements and social security and tax rules to ensure the correct management of payroll flows and personnel budget. They have expert knowledge of the relevant figures and tools and are skilled in identifying the necessary systems and actions for the correct management of company costs. The Modena team is also a point of reference in terms of professional training, offering innovative training sessions on specific technical skills, both theory and practical courses.

Palazzo Bassoli,
Via Rua Muro, 96

WI LEGAL Modena team

Emiliana Maria Dal Bon
Partner and Consultant
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Cecilia Bondi
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