Partner and Lawyer

Carlo Maria Limuti

I am a partner at WI LEGAL, a lawyer specialising in employment law and in industrial relations, providing clients in both ordinary and extraordinary operations (outsourcing processes, corporate operations, corporate restructuring and reorganisation). I provide clients across a range of sectors with assistance in their litigation in as well as bespoke advice in relation to out-of-court cases, assisting both Italian and international corporations with particular focus on the retail, tourism, catering, services, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and intermediate distribution of the medicine. I have significant experience in the field of agency relations and commercial distribution (and related litigation) as well as in negotiating and assisting relationships with top management.

What do you like about the work you do?

What I like about my profession is working next to people.
My profession allows me to confront daily with entrepreneurs and HR managers, working alongside them, entering the organization and getting to know it closely, to find alternative and tailor-made answers that meet the daily needs of the company.

What do you like about the work you do?

There is no solution for every problem, but every problem can find a solution.

Availability, punctuality, the speed of performing tasks and thorough preparation, are now fundamental qualities for a lawyer. It is not acceptable that an email remains unanswered: a request must be processed in the shortest possible time.

Carlo, what is important to you at work?